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Data and Analytics

Salesforce data integration
Solve the challenge of data silos and inaccessibility with improved and enhanced analytics from your off-platform Salesforce data.
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AI security
Identify threats earlier and mitigate risks faster.
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Accessible cloud infrastructure
Manage access to any server, database, or Kubernetes instance on AWS.
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Bot detection and protection
Catch more attacks and protect more customers.
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Simplified certificate lifecycle management
Discover, monitor, analyze, orchestrate, and fully automate certificate lifecycle management and key management solutions at scale across all AWS accounts.
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FedRAMP compliance
Transform your offerings into compliant, FedRAMP-ready services in half the time and cost.
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Apple instance protection
Establish trusted access, ensure user productivity, and protect organizations from anywhere.
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Business Applications

Application platform for dynamic work management
Increase overall productivity by automating tasks, removing bottlenecks, and streamlining operations for increased cost-effectiveness and revenue growth.
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Composable order management
Simplify complex commerce operations with dynamic fulfillment options, real-time inventory visibility, and robust order routing.
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Dynamic creative optimization
Deliver high-performing ads through automated, personalized, omnichannel experiences.
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Omnichannel analytics
Measure, manage, and optimize your contact center operations, knowledge, and digital customer experience.
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Data Products

Advanced ad analytics
Unlock advanced insights and analytics for your Amazon advertising, wherever it lives, and make it directly usable across all audiences at scale.
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Total addressable market (TAM) analysis
Get first-rate B2B commercial data delivered securely to your AWS environment how, where, and when you need it.
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Indirect tax automation
Automate your indirect tax processes to drive greater efficiency and minimize compliance risks.
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Infrastructure Software

Optimized network energy consumption
Proactively optimize mobile network energy consumption without degrading network performance or customer experience.
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Enhanced API workflows
Use a seamlessly-integrated API platform with design-first, documentation, and portal capabilities built to drive consistency across the API workflow for happier providers and consumers.
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Unstoppable cloud DBaaS
Augment data management automation with human expertise and experience to support and manage mission-critical deployments in the cloud—whether it's a single development database or thousands of production databases.
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