Optimized network energy consumption

3 reasons to optimize your RAN equipment

Enhance mobile network energy consumption while preserving network performance and user experience.

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Viavi Solutions

By deploying TeraVM RIC Test on AWS, AWS customers—particularly larger telecommunications enterprises and their ecosystems—can achieve optimized energy efficiency and a better user experience across evolving wireless networks. In doing so, AWS customers de-risk the complexity of cloud migration while simplifying the problem of inefficient energy use, O-RAN processes, and immature technology.

AWS customers can expect reduced costs, increased test productivity, and more time on their engineers’ hands while accelerating the launch of new services and managing the load (and energy efficiency) of their cell sites. This can be done in a lab environment, before costly network roll-outs and before they experience troubleshooting problems which could impact the quality of the end-user experience. This is all managed as a virtualized test tool that ramps up quickly and can be easily customized.