Data and Analytics

Improve insights, enhance decision-
making, and increase the quality
and security of your data.

Real-time analytics
Serve millisecond-latency search and analytics applications on real-time streaming data.
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Simplified customer insights
Unlock the power of AWS Clean Rooms with access to insights from first-party data while empowering data and tech teams to maintain full control of data security.
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Visual data transformation
Transform your asset management and enable a new, visual way of doing work with digital twin technology.
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Research data hygiene
Enable the management, curation, and analysis of medical imaging data to extract and mobilize valuable insights to develop powerful AI.
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Distributed data management
Logically integrate, manage, and deliver distributed data regardless of where it may live.
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Query acceleration
Query billions of rows from any data source in milliseconds to produce analytics in real time.
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Salesforce data integration
Solve the challenge of data silos and inaccessibility with improved and enhanced analytics from your off-platform Salesforce data.
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